Broken Teeth, Fractured Jaw, And Starving To Death, Dory Lies Down To Die - Until Hero Steps In And Says ‘Not Today!’

February 05, 2018

Stories come across our desk every day about the inhumane treatment of animals, and it can be overwhelming to think that there are human beings who treat innocent creatures so cruelly. The only thing that restores our faith in humanity is to find stories like this, in which the goodness and compassion of some people outweigh the tragedy they are stepping in to undo.

Dory was a street dog who suddenly became immobile. In fact, passersby noticed that she hadn’t moved from the same spot for two days. They became so concerned that they notified Animal Aid Unlimited to come out and help this poor girl.

Imagine their horror when rescuers discovered that not only were several of the poor pup’s teeth broken, but her jaw was also fractured. No wonder she couldn’t move! Undoubtedly she had been unable to eat for who knows how long and, without food, she was too weak to budge. The outlook for this sweet canine was certainly grim, ending in starvation and death.

Rescuers immediately transported Dory to their clinic and examined her to discover the extent of her injuries.

Surgery needed to be performed right away or her chance of survival would be nil. Doctors had to wire her lower jaw so the fracture could heal, and only then would Dory have any hope.

Very quickly, Dory was able to eat again and slowly, her strength returned.

Now Dory is living a fantastic life, running, frolicking, and playing with her new doggy buddies. She is happy and healthy and will now have a chance to live an enriched life. We are so grateful to the professionals at Animal Aid Unlimited who never say die; they will go above and beyond the call of duty whenever an animal is suffering.

They are heroes, angels, and dedicated professionals who see the worst that life has to offer on a daily basis. Yet they never let the horrible acts of some people discourage them from taking the merciful action that they know they must.

Life is a precious gift and these rescuers are sometimes the only thing standing between life and death for these innocent animals. Thank you for saving Dory!

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