Homeless Cat Went Looking For Food At Zoo, When People Saw The New Friend She Made They Couldn't Get Their Cameras Out Fast Enough


It is safe to say that animal friendships are some of the most unique and special bonds on the planet. Thanks to films like Dinsey's Fox and the Hound, we have come to expect that animals of any shape and size can easily become "the best of friends." Most of the time, animals seem to have no qualms when it comes to making friends with other animals that are quite different from them. But, what happens when a house cat tries to make friends with a much larger and, quite frankly, frightening cat? The answer may just make you smile as much as we did.


One night, at the St. Petersburg Zoo, a stray calico cat made her way through the dark walkways, in search of something to eat. She had just about given up when she caught the scent of some food nearby. She made her way towards the scent and soon she found what she was looking for. The cat was so excited to eat that she did not realize what she had called into. A lynx enclosure. Within moments, the cat looked up from her meal and she was face to face with a much larger feline. The food was obviously left over from the lynx's dinner. The lynx could have killed the calico cat very easily but, instead, she did the most unlikely thing imaginable. She adopted the little cat as her own.


The next morning, zoo patrons were shocked to see the common calico cat snuggled up next to the big bad lynx. People pulled out their cameras to capture the adorable moment and when the zoo keepers discovered that the calico cat had formed a special bond with her big cat counterpart, they decided to let her stay for as long she liked. The unlikely pair only serves to further our love for animal friendships and we sure are glad someone caught their loving relationship on video. Check out the footage in the video below.

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