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Famous Country Singer And Wife Adopts Daughter From Africa. Then Finds Out The Most Shocking News

August 23, 2017


After starting the adoption process a year ago, Thomas Rhett and his wife have FINALLY welcomed home their little girl, Willa Grey Akins in May. The couple adopted their beautiful daughter from Uganda. “On the way to the airport, it was like Christmas Day,” the country singer said. Merry Christmas in May to the country singers family.

“It felt like a dream. I’ve dreamed of us all being on the same continent for so long. It finally feels like everyone is where they’re supposed to be.” Rhett's wife, Lauren, said. Lauren met Willa named 'Blessing' in her home country of Uganda when she was on a trip in 2016. At the time the couple was trying to get pregnant themselves but also had a dream of adopting in the future.

When Rhett saw a picture of his wife holding little Willa, he was overcome with their bond and thought that they should adopt her. Willa was orphaned as an infant and had also had an obvious bond with Lauren as well. “Lauren had this amazing glow about her and it just felt like she was already our daughter in a weird way,” said the singer and then, ‘I just blurted out, ‘We should bring her home.'

It was not an easy process, there was a lot of paperwork and hoops they had to jump through but in the end, it was all worth it. During the long process, the couple surprisingly found out that they were pregnant. They found out that they are expecting two girls now. By August the Rhett home will be all pink all the time. Girl EVERYTHING!  We think Rhett will manage well in a house full of estrogen. Here is a family photo of them on the 4th of July...

If you would like to follow in the Rhett family foot's steps and adopt from Uganda, contact your local adoption agency for more information. According to your local adoption agency for more information. Uganda has 2.5 million orphans. Of that number, 1.2 million are orphaned by AIDS. Many of these orphans have parents still living but they are unable to care for them. Watch the video below.

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