Sleepy Kitten Fights To Stay Awake. Watch What Happens Next!

August 23, 2017


Staying awake can be one of the most miserable things to endure, especially when you’re extremely sleep deprived.  Many cases the environment you find yourself in is not ideal for allowing the deep sleep that your body is craving to take over.  Whether it be a classroom situation, uncomfortable airplane seat or upright chair; when sleepy, all these different scenarios can lead to one of two things, the head bob or nap time.   


In this video, we can all relate to this sweet little kitten who is trying his darndest to stay awake.  With a few head bobs, this fluffy white kitten eventually finds himself with his face smack dab on the floor.  The fight to stay awake is over, sleep has won and it’s nap time.  Not even the presence of his sister can wake him.

This adorable little kitten definitely brings a whole new cuteness to the overall look and definition of fighting to stay awake.  Plus, we all know that we usually add an extra little additional humor to our head bob; such as an open mouth and an occasional snore.  Enjoy this adorable video and good luck to you the next time you find yourself fighting to stay awake.  

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