I Know, I Know! It‘s A Bad Idea To Give A Puppy For Christmas - But After Watching These Joyous Reactions You May Have To Change Your Mind About That!

December 20, 2017

It's one of the greatest temptations we parents face every year. Our sweet darling children want nothing more than a brand new puppy for Christmas. Without fail, our first response is an unmistakable, definitive "NO!” We know that, in spite of the earnest vows in which they sincerely “promise to take care of it,” inevitably, the care and feeding of said-puppy would fall to us. Under the barrage of non-stop begging, pleading, and “cross-my-heart” promises, however, we find ourselves weakening in our resolve to not be “one of those parents” who give in to the naive requests of their persistent youngsters.

After all, how could a sweet innocent puppy cause that much trouble? Maybe the kids really will step up and take on the responsibility. They’ve really been good all year; they deserve something extra-special this year. Okay, now that your whimsical, well-meaning side has managed to overrule your practical, rational side, what can you expect once the deed is done? I’m not talking about the 2:00 am whining or the puddles of piddle on the kitchen floor, or the torn-up couch cushions. What I’m referring to is the one thing that will make these puppy-rearing challenges all worthwhile - the priceless expression on their faces when they realize that they actually have a puppy!

Let’s peek in on those memorable moments when the “puppy-unveiling” is happening. It all starts with an innocuous-looking, beautifully-wrapped Christmas package.

Uh-oh. Are those holes poked in the lid? An observant kid will definitely notice those. Is something alive in there? There must be something alive in there! You can’t fool these kids. Although they never thought this day would happen, they can’t help but realize that their fondest Christmas wish has come true! Disbelief, followed by unmatched joy. Yeah, it’s worth it.

Did I mention disbelief? Regardless of the situation, every single kid’s initial response is utter and complete disbelief. I can only imagine that the parents had been very convincing when they made their adamant and final proclamation that there would be no puppy for Christmas in this house!

Don’t worry, Mom and Dad, you don’t have to worry that your parental credibility has been destroyed by your giving in on this matter. Yes, it’s true that your kids may, from now on, question whether or not you really mean it when you say, “NO,” but if it has to go, what better reason can there be than because of welcoming a new, beloved family member into the fold?

I mean, just look at their faces? Have you ever seen anything so pure and unabashedly beautiful? Yes, giving a puppy for Christmas may not seem like such a great idea at first, but once you look at this compilation of grateful, joyous reactions to the receiving of an unlikely but wonderfully-appreciated gift of a lifetime - you’ll undoubtedly cave, and get that puppy your kids so desperately want.

If you’d like to see the video of these puppy-gifting surprises, we’ve provided it for you, below. It truly epitomizes the phenomenon of Christmas-morning joy! There’s nothing better than seeing a genuine, face-splitting, ear-to-ear smile on your kid’s face, and there are plenty of those right here. Enjoy!