Woman Sees Terrified Pit Bull With Her Head In The Corner. When She Gives Her A Blanket, A Miracle Happens

December 15, 2017

Over the last year, there has been a major movement made in the in pet adoption world. The hashtag #adoptdontshop has sparked more adoptions in U.S. animal shelters than ever before. Many times when considering a family pet, dogs are chosen based on the reputation of their breed. While reputations are built from history, it’s not quite fair to say that each dog follows its breed’s reputation.

This tragedy can be especially true when considering one of the most misunderstood dog breeds: Pit Bulls. Pit Bulls are known for their aggressive behavior. Unfortunately, Pit Bulls are the primary dog breed used in dog fights, causing a defensive attitude to surface.

However, Pit Bulls are some of the sweetest and most lovable dogs out there! The people that own Pits swear by them and even go so far as to say that they would never want any other breed. That’s a pretty crazy statement when there are over 340 dog breeds!

Recently, this terrible reality was recognized at yet another animal shelter. One family dropped off a senior Pit Bull at a shelter. When the family left, the dog stood with its head in the corner, sad, confused, and lonely. Shelter workers tried to get the dog to lie down, but she wouldn’t leave the corner. It was heartbreaking.

The saddest part was when prospective families would walk by her kennel; they would stare and say “We don’t want that dog, she’s so sad,” or “Pit Bulls are a terrible dog, we would never adopt that dog.” Time after time, the sweet dog was passed up.


That’s when one staff member’s heart broke. She did the only thing she could think of to help the pitiful pup; she grabbed a blanket from her car and slid it near the sad sweetie. To her surprise, the pup turned toward the blanket and moved it toward herself.

The nurse was shocked! It was the first time the animal had shown anything other than sadness. The doggy then carried the blanket over to the corner and cuddled in it. The staff member was beside herself. Finally, the dog was finally comfortable.

The staffer took a picture and posted it on Facebook along with the remarkable story. Later that night, more than 40 people commented back requesting additional information about the dog! The best part is, the very next day the sweet girl was adopted! Her life would never be the same!

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