Dog, Minutes From Death, Was Given A Miracle. Her Transformation Is Incredible

December 13, 2017

Stray dogs are one of the saddest phenomena in the world, and in Bulgaria, the number of stray dogs is increasing daily. Sadly, more and more dogs are getting infections and life-threatening illnesses with nothing being done to save them. Many times, they die from their illnesses.

Meet Khalessi, the stray dog who was found severely underweight, begging for food, and covered in flesh-eating bacteria that caused her be almost completely hairless. It was clear that she had been living on the streets for a while and was just barely surviving. Somehow, by the grace of God, she wandered into a town where people were taking action to save stray dogs. She had no idea she was walking into a miracle.

Just as sweet Khalessi was barely able to stumble into this new town, someone took notice of her and immediately called a rescue organization. Diana and Tony were the rescuers who reported to the scene. When they saw Khalessi, their heart broke for the dog’s condition.

Tony said that the dog was surprisingly fearless and came right over to him, “She was desperate for human contact and so hungry, she came right over and nearly collapsed on me.” Tony said that Khalessi was one of the worst cases he’d ever seen and he was highly concerned for her life; they wasted no time before getting her over to the animal clinic.

When Tony and Diana arrived at the clinic, the pup was immediately taken into critical care. Staff discovered a terrifying amount of fleas and ticks. Her poor skin was being attacked by sores, and part of her ear was missing. As sweet Khalessi walked around slowly, the staff was in shock when they realized that her leg had healed incorrectly from a nasty break.

Even in the midst of tragedy, the staff was hopeful. Really, there was no reason to be; Khalessi was in terrible shape. But there was something about the way that she loved them that brought them peace and hope in her healing process. As the staff showed her affection, Khalessi began to thrive. Already hope was rising.

Khalessi was given a hefty dose of antibiotics to stop her internal infections, and she was scrubbed with a special shampoo to reduce the fleas, ticks, and the bacteria that was building up. After the lighter issues were dealt with, then came the more trying concerns.

Khalessi was transported to a clinic specializing in infectious diseases. There, she was given treatment for her remaining infections along with intensive shots and a cast to heal her once-broken leg properly. Even with her broken leg and wounded ear, she was finally healing well enough to resemble a dog! The staffers at the clinic were amazed to be able to witness such a massive transformation.

After months of highly intensive treatment, Khalessi was practically 100% healed! She was free from ticks and fleas, was able to walk properly, had gained weight, and shockingly enough, her hair grew back - something that the doctors were very pessimistic about. When staffers looked at her after treatment, they couldn’t even tell she was the same dog!

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