Little Boy Wants To Try Vegetable Juice Instead Of His Usual Chocolate Milk. His Reaction To The Unexpected Taste Will Leave You Chuckling

September 21, 2017

Maybe you have a few pounds to lose, or perhaps your physician has suggested you cut back on sweets. Whatever the reason, you resolve to clean up your act. Instead of the sugar-laden favorites that relentlessly barge their way into your daily diet, you are determined to start consuming foods on the more nutritious side.

If you are a chocolate-lover, however, it’s sure to be a difficult transition. It won’t be easy to say that final goodbye to your faithful food friend, even if it’s to begin a new, more sensible relationship with lighter, healthier fare.


Even if you are going into this lifestyle change with the best of intentions, there’s no getting around the drastic difference in the tastes you will experience. It will certainly take some getting used to but, with persistence, you just might learn to appreciate the lighter flavors. Your willpower, though, will have to carry you through until this changeover occurs.

When the little guy in our video makes the decision to switch from chocolate milk to vegetable juice, I’m pretty sure it has nothing to do with the numbers on the scale or the need to comply with doctor’s orders. More likely, he has seen the his parents partake of the colorful nectar and is curious to try it out for himself.


Something tells me that our friend is not going to wait for his taste buds to adjust over time, though. As soon as he samples the contents of the cup his mother hands him, he makes a snap judgement about the new libation. It’s pretty clear in my mind, that he will not be changing his mind anytime soon.

You’ll crack up when you watch the brave little fellow trying so hard to be a grown-up kid. Watch the video, below, to see him take his bold stand. You’ll cheer him on all the way!

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