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Little Girl Calls Stranger 'Old Person,' His Response Left People Speechless For The Most Beautiful Reason Imaginable

August 14, 2017

It is always amazing to see how much power people's words actually have on someone. Words have the power to break people down and build people up. If you are having a bad day, more often than not, an encouraging word from a friend or even a stranger has the power to turn your day around. This was certainly the case with a man named Dan when he met an adorable little girl named Norah.

Dan Peterson was dealt a hard blow late in his life. At the age of 82, Dan had to say goodbye to his loving wife who unexpectedly passed away. Dan was understandably heart broken and, for days at a time, would simply sit in his living room looking out his window.

Dan was struggling to find his purpose in life again but could not seem to pick up the pieces of his heart on his own. Dan was not sure if he could go on and needed help and encouragement. Little did he know that the perfect little helper was waiting for him at the local grocery store.

Dan went out one afternoon to pick up some essential groceries. He was nearing the end of one of the aisles when he came in contact with Norah, a four-year-old little girl. The little girl reached out to say hi to the older gentleman but what she said next stopped him in his tracks. Norah blurted out "Hi, old person." Norah's mother was mortified but when Norah followed it up with, "It's my birthday. Can I have a hug?" a huge smile broke across Dan's face.

Dan's walls immediately came down and he hugged the little girl with all the love that he could muster. Norah's mom was in tears but was able to snap a photo of the sweet moment. From that day on, Dan and Norah saw a lot more of each other. Norah started going to see Dan at his home at least once a week and every visit came with many hugs and a lot of laughter.

Norah's mom told reporters that Norah seemed to know that Dan needed love that day. Dan and Norah formed a special bond that not only brought a smile to Dan's face every day, it also saved his life. Dan said that Norah, "Opened my heart to a love I didn't know existed." Dan finally had a purpose in life again.

Dan's broken heart was mended by the love of little Norah and while others may simply see their relationship as adorable or cute, Dan knew that his relationship with Norah is nothing short of miraculous. Dan called Norah his angel and it goes without saying that Norah was sent to Dan to show him what love truly meant. Watch the video below and grab the tissues as you see Dan and Norah's one of a kind bond.

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