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Golden Retriever Spots Cat In Her Yard. Instantly The Dog's Unique Reaction Leaves Her Dad Scratching His Head

October 06, 2017

The common perception in the world today is that dogs and cats do not get along. While some canine and feline duos, from time to time, can prove this theory wrong, it’s safe to say that most dogs and cats would rather see less of each other. For instance, Ellie, a lovable Golden Retriever, knows that any and all cats are her sworn enemies and she has a great way of letting her owner know when she spots one.

Ellie is out for a walk with her owner when she starts acting a bit peculiar. It seems as though she senses something that is out of place. Ellie creeps forward, toward a bush. She knows that there is something there that she doesn't trust and, within moments, the unknown villain shows itself. It is, of course, a cat, and Ellie, quite literally, freezes in her tracks.

Ellie is not afraid of her furry foe; she is simply waiting for her owner to remove the feline from her path. She lifts one paw off the ground and never breaks eye contact with the cat. This reaction is called ‘pointing, ’ and Ellie is an expert. Ellie is like a statue, not even moving when her owner pulls her leash in all directions. Ellie may not be willing to hurt the feline intruder, but she sure doesn't trust it! Watch the video, below, to see Ellie's unique response for yourself.

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