Family Dog Won't Stop Barking At The Sky. When Her Parents Realize The Reason Why, They Can't Help But Laugh

October 06, 2017

It is safe to say that our canine best friends have a tendency to display some rather odd behavior from time to time. Often the reasoning behind their peculiar displays is quite hysterical. Such is the case with Blue, a family dog who is barking non-stop at the sky one early evening.

Blue heads out to the backyard with her parents. The pup immediately brings her favorite ball over to her dad to start a game of fetch. After a few throws, Blue's dad decides to pull one of the oldest tricks in the book. He pretends to throw the ball and, of course, Blue goes running after it. Blue, however, stops after a short distance and stares straight up into the sky before breaking out into loud barks. Her parents are somewhat confused until they look up, that is.

As they look up, all Blue's parents see is the moon. Then it hits them; Blue thinks the moon is her ball, stuck up in the sky, entirely out of reach! Apparently, Dad's trick goes a little better than he anticipated because Blue is thoroughly convinced that he has thrown her ball into space. It looks like Dad has some serious explaining to do to the confused pup. Watch the video, below, see Blue's fetching conundrum for yourself!

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