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Pound Dog Is Poorly Fed And Barely Walking. Flown Half-Way Around The World, Watch The Incredible Measures Taken!

October 06, 2017

Living in a public pound in Thailand, malnourished, poorly-fed, and with a horrible time walking, this dog is in a very heartbreaking situation, to say the least. One kind soul, however, notices Chamelea, this powerless canine, and immediately saves her from the sad place she was living. They relocate her to a sanctuary where she receives yummy food and tender loving care. Even though she's in a new wonderful place, she is still unable to use her hind legs which starts to worry everyone at the new facility. As they continue to watch and evaluate Chamelea, the rescuers become aware that there is something terribly wrong with the dog's physical condition and that she will require more intense medical care which they are not equipped to give her.

As they begin to search for help, a sanctuary in New York offers to take her in. Flying half-way around the world, Chamelea begins a new adventure in a brand new place with hopes of living a normal, healthy life. At the astonishing new facility, Chamelea has the opportunity to meet new bosom-buddies. Even though life is good at her new home, she still has an extremely difficult time walking. The staff at the sanctuary arrange for her to meet some of the top veterinarians in the nation. Upon examination of Chamelea, they discover that her kneecaps are displaced, which is the reason she's experiencing difficulty walking and so much discomfort. The pup undergoes intense knee surgery and completely shocks everyone with her swift recovery.

With such a positive attitude and her astonishing strength, Chamelea conquers every obstacle thrown her way. With her unbelievable determination, she begins to stand on her hind legs, and now she is walking perfectly - just like any other four-legged friend. Thanks to every willing soul and the incredible measures that were taken, Chamelea can now live a full, blissful life without pain. Her world is currently full of happiness, joy, and love!

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