Long Snapper Helps Bring His Team To Victory, But When You Find Out What He Saw On The Field You Will Be Shocked

September 22, 2017

Jake Olson, 20, helped lead University of Southern California's football team to victory. Jake is USC’s Long Snapper. What makes Jake stand apart from the rest of his team is the fact that Jake is blind.

Olson was diagnosed with Retinoblastoma when he was just a year old. He lost one of his eyes then, and his cancer came back eight times. At the age of 12, doctors told him he would lose his other eye.

"I'll never tell anyone that life is fair," Olson says. "Everyone is dealt with an unfair set of cards in some way … but I do tell them that at the end of the day, it's your decision.”

He continued, "To sit there and feel sorry for myself and be angry... it would be pathetic. It would hold me back in life. I really wanted to make sure that blindness and going through cancer was not going to stop me...and so, being grateful is another thing that really just helped me move on to accept my reality of not being able to see."

Back to the winning game. It was earlier this month when Olson snapped for an extra point, and the Trojans won the game 49-31. The team celebrated the victory together, and this is what Olson said about it:

"It was emotional," Olson said of the experience on “Good Morning America.” He continued, "Just the pure bliss and just knowing that I accomplished a goal, I was able to give Trojan Nation and really the entire sports world a message of inspiration and hope."

I hope you get inspired by this young man. He proves you can do anything you put your mind to and don't allow limitations to stop you from pursuing your dreams. Watch the inspiring story, below.

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