Man Climbs Down To Save Trapped Kitten. But What Happens When He Gets Down In the Hole Has Every One In Hysterics

August 30, 2017

A man is hard at work on a job site when he notices a kitten in distress. The kitten is trapped in a man-made hole and appears unable to get out, so the man takes action immediately. Seeing that the hole is too deep for the kitten to climb out, the man grabs a ladder so he can climb down into the hole to rescue the helpless kitten.

But what happens next takes him by surprise. I guess the helpless kitten isn't so helpless after all. As the would-be rescuer starts to climb down the ladder to save the kitten, the animal clearly has a plan of its own. The supposedly-trapped feline shimmies up the brick wall, as though he's been training for this moment his whole life, leaving the man in utter disbelief.

He's got ninja-like skills I've never seen before. Trust me, this video is so good, you don't want to miss it! Watch the video, below, entitled Gato Ninja, and try to not laugh.

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