Man Lines Up Two Dogs And A Cat. What Follows Surprises Everyone!

August 02, 2017

We all know that dogs can be trained to do tricks. But, some other animals can also be trained to perform fun tricks for us. It may be hard to believe, but my friend has a cat that fetches balls and even brings them back to him just like a dog does! Didga, the kitty featured in this story has a trick too! 

Cats can learn to mimic others and while rare, they sometimes want to please their masters. They definitely have minds of their own and do things on their own accord. However, cats are definitely food driven, so like dogs, I think they could probably be trained with an edible treat and that is what Didga is motivated by as well. 

Didga had two Rottweiler friends named Lucy and Phoenix. Didga's owner thought it would be fun to try to train the cat to do tricks just like the dogs and amazingly it worked! Didga seemed to love to please her owner and get that yummy treat! I can't get my cats to do anything on command except come for food when I clap. Have you ever tried to train your cat to do a trick?

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