Buddy The Pit Bull Saves A 9-Year-Old Boy From Drowning. What Happens Afterwards Has Everyone Stunned

August 03, 2017

On March 2, 2017, Buddy became a hero. He was the only one who stepped in to protect and save a young boy from the hands of his mother. The boy's mother had sadly thrown him in the river and was trying to kill him when Buddy saw the struggle and ran over to help.

The boy's 5-year-old brother drowned in the river that day. Their mother is behind bars facing charges of murder and attempted murder. According to police reports, the mother had taken her two boys to Murray river in Moama, New South Wales to drown the boys. But all thanks to Buddy and his quick response the 9-year-old survived.

But not everyone thought buddy was a hero. Because Buddy had bit the mother while trying to remove the boy from her, there was controversy over whether he was dangerous or not. Murray River Council Rangers detained the pit bull at the scene and would not let him return home with his family. His owner immediately created a petition to get his dog back.

Buddy has simply done something heroic that day and should not be punished for protecting the innocent child. The petition said, “Buddy… is a pitbull cross and has since been seized from his owners who are distraught by not only what this mother has done but also that our dog has been seized when he should be labeled a hero instead. Buddy doesn’t have a history of being a dangerous dog and most certainly hasn’t ever bitten anyone and has never been seized before for anything.” 

Buddy's family made a statement, “We are trying to save our dog ‘Buddy’ a pit bull cross who has been seized due to awful circumstances by the council. We are hoping the council can see what this dog was trying to do and let him come home instead of punishing him for the rescue efforts he has done. Please help.” 

But don't worry this story has a happy ending. After more than 50,000 signatures had been placed on the petition, Buddy's owners got word that he was alive and would be returned to them as soon as possible. The NSW police said they believed that Buddy was protecting the young boy and that they would not seek to put the dog down.

The boy's grandfather even signed the petition. “I own a similar dog and I know he was trying to save the boys, it’s their nature when they are raised with kids. Let the ones who his actions affected decide. I have one grandson left because this brave dog took action as required.”

We think Buddy is the definition of a hero and deserves a medal for all he did. He put his life on the line to save the boy and we are so grateful he was there that day. We hope Buddy lives out the rest of his life Happily Ever After, enjoying his family. What a dog!!! 

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