Man Noticed A Doe Abandon Her Weak and Injured Fawn. What He Did In Response Proves The True Power Of Love

August 02, 2017

While Darius Sasnauskas was going about his daily routines around his home, he happened to notice a family of deer roaming around his acreage. One doe was closely followed by a tiny fawn and another fawn lagged far behind. He could quickly tell that the slower fawn was having trouble walking around and kept stumbling in an attempt to keep up with her family.

Before long, the mother doe became fearful of her life and the life of her healthy fawn and soon abandoned the injured one. Darius knew he had to do something quickly to help this abandoned baby animal. He took her into his home. In no time, he realized that her front leg was incredibly unstable.


He crafted a splint out of an old oatmeal box and secured it in place. This split appeared to be just what the little fawn needed all along. In no time at all, she was able to get around far quicker than she had in the past and it appeared that her leg was even improving quite a bit.

Once the fawn was able to steadily walk on her own, Darius knew what he had to do. Though he had become attached to the little animal, he knew that her life would be far better if she were reunited with other deer out in the wild. He began on a quest to search for a family of deer would lovingly take in this new fawn as one of their own.


On his first trip out, he was unable to find any deer that would be suitable for the fawn. Discouraged, he brought the little baby home with him in hopes of trying again soon. Darius had to go out of town for a couple of days and left the little fawn in the care of some close friends.

They soon sent word to him that while he was gone, they found a family of deer - her original family to be exact - and she was lovingly accepted again into the family! While Darius was saddened to see his dear little friend leave, he knew that it would be best for her well-being and was happy to know that she was right back where she belonged. Watch the video below to see the full heartwarming story!

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