Man Walked Outside To Find Cat Frozen To The Cement. When He Thought All Hope Was Lost, She Moved Her Paw

December 13, 2017

Winters can be harsh on everyone. But with snowy conditions, below-freezing temperatures, and no place to take refuge, winters can be especially harsh on stray animals. Many times, they go unnoticed, until it’s too late.

This was nearly the case with a stray cat named Elsa, that one man found just in time. It was a bone-chilling day when he walked outside and saw the most heartbreaking thing he could ever imagine.

This sweet little kitty was found frozen underneath a gate, trying to find warmth anywhere she could. The cold had nearly gotten the best of her but thankfully, just in the nick of time, a hero disguised as a man walked outside and found her. He thought it was too late, but then something magnificent happened. Right when the man was turning to go back inside, the cat’s paw moved ever so slightly! The man wasted no time and immediately tried to remove her frozen body from the cement.

He quickly ran her to the bathroom and started some hot water. He let her defrost in the warm water, and within seconds she quickly started moving her eyes and head. Sadly, her body was still frozen. After a warm bath, he wrapped her in hot towels where she lay cuddled in there for nearly an hour.

Once she started regaining her mobility, the man gave her some warm milk. She was finally starting to get her strength back and, after about six hours, she was walking around on her own, something that I’m sure she thought she’d never do again.

The man felt sorry for the little trooper and decided that he couldn’t bear the thought of her getting stuck out in the cold again. So, without any hesitation, he decided that he’d keep her for good! He named the sweet little kitten Elsa, after the hit Disney movie, “Frozen.”

Just days after Elsa’s rescue she’s already feeling right at home with her new buddy! Together, they’re staying warm inside and welcoming the holiday season as a family. How cute is that?! Check out the video, below, to see Elsa's amazing rescue!

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