Matyi Was Chained In A Yard And Starved - Until One Hero Stepped In

December 04, 2017

Matyi is a gorgeous four-year-old black-and-tan Dachshund who lives with his adoring momma who spoils him rotten! He loves to go on long walks, and hike up mountains whenever he possibly can. When he isn’t racing down trails, he loves to sleep on the bed and curl up with his momma at night!

Matyi is living the life many dogs can only dream of, but his first two years were full of horror and neglect. His original family didn’t care for him at all, and he suffered horribly from their neglect. It would take months for him to recover completely from everything.

His family kept him outside, tied up with a short and heavy chain. They viewed him only as a pest, not caring what happened to him anymore because they had grown tired of him. They neglected to feed him, secretly hoping he would die and they would no longer have to deal with him.

Thankfully, a hero stepped in to save Matyi from a horrifying and painful death, that was quickly approaching. By the time he was saved, he was skin and bones, and in desperate need of a good meal. He was also covered in bedsores as a result of his chain limiting his movement and the lack of fat covering his bones.

Even after being saved from certain death, he still wasn’t completely in the clear! While his body may have been fine, his soul was still hurting. Luckily, that didn’t last too long, and he was quickly adopted. In the hands of his adoring new momma, he’s now healed completely from what he’d endured.

With his sweet momma at his side, Matyi now spends his time just being a regular dog! He chases balls, runs free (in his yard, of course, to make sure he’s safe), and has his very own soft bed. Even though he had to endure hell at the hands of those who were supposed to love and cherish him, he’s never let it hold him back from fully appreciating his new life.

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