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Meet Waco The 40-Year-Old Horse And His Best Friend [VIDEO]

May 23, 2017

Meet Waco, a 40-year-old retired racing horse who may not have won many races, but he definitely outlived his competitors.

According to thespruce.com just like people, thanks to a better understanding of health and medical care, horses are living longer than ever. The life expectancy of horses has increased, largely because we take better care of them. Most of us would like our equine companions to stay with us as long as possible and a common question is 'how long will my horse live'. The average horse lives between 25-33. The oldest recorded horse lived to be 52 years old.

8 years ago, Waco was lonely, sad until he met his best friend Donnie MacAdams, his caretaker who moved into the barn above him. At the time Waco was barely eating and his owners thought he was sick. But as it turned out Waco wasn’t sick he was just lonely. The friendship between Donnie and Waco was all the horse needed to get that spark back in his life and Donnie needed the friendship just as much. They saved each other’s lives.

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