Miguelito Was Beaten So Badly He Was Left Permanently Disfigured - Then Abandoned To Die!

December 03, 2017

Miguelito is a gorgeous little Chihuahua mix who lives with his adoring family and his sweet sister. Miguelito enjoys spending his free time running around the yard. He is a happy-go-lucky dog who loves to chase after his favorite toy ball. When he isn’t playing with his toys, you can find this wonderful dog chasing every squirrel that crosses his path!

When Miguelito was a younger dog, he lived with another family who didn’t love him nearly as much as his current family does. His first owner did not care for him the way they should have, and they abused and neglected him, beating him whenever they believed he had been bad.

One day, they grew tired of him completely after he had ‘misbehaved.' They beat him horrifically, damaging his head and blinding him in one eye. He developed a permanent underbite as well, something that veterinarians would never be able to fix, even if his owners had taken him to the vet.

Instead of taking him to get the care he needed, they abandoned him on the side of the busy streets of Buenos Aires, Argentina, not caring what happened next. Without medical care, his injuries healed incorrectly, ensuring that no veterinarian would be able to correct the damage that had been done. He then wandered the streets, alone and terrified, not sure of what was going to happen to him next.

Luckily for Miguelito, he was picked up by a local rescue organization! There, he got the medical care he needed. Although he will never heal from the injuries he suffered, he was able to be made comfortable so he would not suffer again. When he was placed up for adoption, the rescuers shared photos of him online. Sadly, many people mocked him for his looks when they saw his photograph online.

When his future momma saw the photos, she knew he was going to be her love-puppy. She raced out to take him home, and they’ve never been apart since. Miguelito will never again have to worry about the rest of his life. He is free to live the best life he can, playing all day and curling up with his owner every night!

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