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Mother Sheep Is Separated From Her Children During Rescue. Their Reunion Will Melt Your Heart [VIDEO]

May 23, 2017

During a rescue on a farm, a mother sheep became separated from her two children. The two baby sheep were taken to a nearby shelter where they were looked after and cared for. After a few days, however, the rescuers knew something was wrong with the two siblings. The sheep would not eat and would constantly call for their mother. 

The rescuers knew that they had to find the mother. After a few days, the rescuers were able to locate the mother and bring her with them to the shelter. The mother was anxious during the entire car ride and could not wait to get to the shelter to see her babies. 

The car pulled up and the mother could barely contain her excitement. The babies were waiting inside and could hear their mother's calls. The young sheep could hardly wait to see their mom and suddenly there she was, looking at them over the divider. The two babies ran around the divider and snuggled their mother. The family was reunited and would never again be separated! 

WATCH the reunion in the video below. 

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