Never Heard Of The Ferraro Quadruplets? Well, You’ve Really Been Missing Something In The 2 Years Since Their Birth!

January 26, 2018

Katie and Charlie Ferraro were embarking on an amazing adventure. Already the parents of one little girl, Molly, they were overjoyed to learn that they were expecting quadruplets! The Coronado, California couple have been on an incredible journey ever since that fateful day two years ago. On January 6, 2016, when Claire, Henry, Dillon, and Charlie made their grand appearance, they Ferraros went from being a family of three to a family of seven - all in one day!

Only 18 months old at the time of the Quads’ birth, Molly Ferraro was in for a rude awakening once her younger siblings all made it home. Can you imagine the challenging transition she had to go through, going from being an only child to being the oldest of five children?

When Katie and Charlie Ferraro received the shocking news that they were expecting quadruplets, thousands of thoughts raced through their minds. Would they babies all be healthy? How can we possibly give them all the attention they need?

And what about Molly, who is used to being an only child? Parenting five children is a lot for any couple, but the fact that they are all under the age of two is a reality that most people cannot grasp.

Embracing their future with a positive attitude and a deliberate spirit of gratitude, was the secret for this very blessed family. When Claire, Henry, Dillon, and Charlie burst on the scene on January 6, 2016, the Ferraro family would never be the same. Increasing their number of children by 400% within four minutes (the time it took to deliver all four babies) the couple was in for the ride of their life!

Throughout her pregnancy, Katie was the picture of perfect mom-to-be health. Good nutrition and regular exercise had always been important aspects of her life, so when the responsibility of growing four new human beings within her body came to her, she met it head-on. Katie remained active during the entire eight months of her pregnancy, knowing that the state of her own health would have a direct impact on the development of her unborn children.

In fact, just one week before she gave birth to the Quads, Katie took this revealing picture of her baby bump. She seemed to be handling the sight of her changing body with humor and grace!

Carrying the babies all the way up to the 34-week limit imposed on her by her doctors, Katie walked herself into the operating room for her scheduled Cesarean Section at Sharp-Mary Birch Hospital in San Diego, California.

Not only did Katie and Charlie not know the sex of their babies ahead of time, they also had no way of knowing whether or not they would be born healthy. Dad Charlie had been a preemie himself, arriving at only 1.5 pounds, so he was intimately acquainted with the challenges such a small baby would likely have. The couple was, understandably, apprehensive as preparations were being made for the births.

They didn’t have to wait long! Within four minutes all four babies had entered the world! Imagine the relief Katie and Charlie must have felt when all four newborns were pronounced healthy! Tipping the scales at a ‘whopping’ three-and-a-half to four pounds each, the quads surprised everyone with their size. That’s nearly 15 pounds of baby Katie was carrying, an amazing achievement for a mom of multiples.

Almost from the moment the three boys and one girl were born, the Ferraro Quads have been media darlings. The San Diego public cannot get enough of these adorable babies. Multiple television appearances have not only made the quadruplets household names all throughout Southern California, but they've also given Mom, Katie, an opportunity to share her views on nutrition and healthy living.

Now, two years later, we have to wonder how they are doing. Thanks to an Instagram account run by Katie, the whole world has the opportunity to follow this 'four-tified family' as they work together to overcome all the challenges that have come their way in the months since the monumental birth. From trying to fit five car seats into the family minivan... somehow managing to get all four babies to nap at the exact same time!

Celebrating holidays like the Fourth of July makes for the perfect photo-op.

From getting all four kids to their pediatrician appointments on time... making room on Mom's lap for the whole brood!

When you get right down to it, Claire, Charlie, Henry, and Dillon are just like any other two-year-olds.
They have no idea what special kids they are, and why their births have captured the hearts of a nation.

We wish them all the best as they continue to grow and thrive in their, obviously, wonderful family. And we thank Katie and "Big" Charlie for being willing to share their beautiful blessings with the rest of us.

To see the amazing documentary about the birth of the Ferraro Quads, just click on the video, below. (Warning: some content is graphic, due to the surgical birth)

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