One-Eyed Horse Helps Young Disabled Boy Have His Best Day Ever. Their Instant Bond Captures The Hearts Of Everyone Involved

October 27, 2017

Everyone on this planet needs a friend that they connect with on a "spiritual;" level. We call these types of friends "Kindred Spirits." For Eli, a nine-year-old boy with an affinity for horses, his kindred spirit comes in the form of Jenny, a horse with a big heart and a slight handicap.

Jenny has only one eye and and needs help getting around, so her owners consider her handicapped. Jenny, however, doesn't let her handicap hinder her from bringing joy and happiness to everyone that meets her. Because of her loving personality, Jenny and her owners join up with an organization called The Reckless Love Revolution. This is how Jenny is introduced to Eli for the first time.

Eli is much like Jenny in the fact that he, too, has a handicap. Eli has a degenerative disorder which prevents his body from developing properly. Due to this disorder, Eli has no legs, and his arms are quite small and deformed. His facial structure is also affected, and he needs a special wheelchair in order to get from place to place. Despite his handicap, Eli is one of the most joyful children you could ever hope to meet. There is one thing, however, that Eli wants to do, but hasn’t been able to accomplish because of his disability.

Eli loves horses and wants to ride one, more than anything else in the world. Because he has no legs and needs constant care, however, Eli is denied his dream time and time again. The unpredictability of horses doesn't help either. If a horse were to take off with Eli on it's back, the results would be disastrous. It’s lucky for Eli, however, that Jenny and her owners are more than willing to turn the young boy's dreams into a reality.

Because of Jenny's gentle nature and her handicap, the horse is the perfect candidate to help Eli accomplish his riding goals. The team at Reckless Love Revolution set up a meeting and, soon, they load Jenny into her transport trailer and start the journey to meet Eli. The team pulls up in front of Eli's house, and everyone waits with bated breath for the little boy to come outside.

Eli makes his way outside and sees that the team is leading Jenny out of the trailer, who then waits patiently in the driveway for Eli to approach her. With the encouragement of his parents and the rest of the team, Eli rolls forward and gently touches Jenny's nose and strokes her head. The bond between the two is instantaneous and brings tears to the eyes of many of the people present. Now it comes time for Eli's first ride!

Eli's father gently lifts him out of his wheelchair and sets the boy in the saddle on Jenny's back. The biggest smile breaks across Eli's face as Jenny begins to move, and he realizes that his dream is coming true. He is riding a horse! Eli and Jenny make their way from the driveway and into the neighborhood streets. After all the riding he can handle, Eli dismounts but stays next to Jenny until it is time to put the horse back in her trailer.

Eli helps feed Jenny some oats and gives her one final stroke on her snout before he is set back in his wheelchair. Eli gives hugs to every person he can before the team departs and, as the trailer containing Jenny drives away, Eli cannot wipe the smile off his face. As he yells out, "Bye, Jenny," Eli knows that he will see the horse again, and Jenny knows that she is a part of something truly special when it comes to Eli. The friendship between Eli and Jenny is unmistakable and goes to show us just how truly important it is to have a kindred spirit in your life!

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