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Otter Did Not Want His Picture Taken By Photographer. The Chase That Followed Will Leave You Laughing [VIDEO]

May 18, 2017

While on a walk one rainy afternoon, Rory MacPherson spotted a wild otter near the road.  Rory was excited and wanted to capture the moment in a photograph. As Rory got down low to snap the photo, the otter decided he did not want his photo taken at all. The otter began to move towards Rory and Rory got the sense that he was about to go for a run. 

Sure enough, the otter charged towards him and Rory took off down the road. Rory kept the camera rolling the entire time. The otter was much quicker than Rory had anticipated and caught up with him in a hurry. Luckily, Rory was wearing thick hiking boots because the otter tried taking a bite out of his foot. 

While the otter was obviously a little peeved at Rory for trying to take his picture, Rory couldn't help but laugh the entire time he was being chased. Eventually, Rory had to jump into his car to get away from the irate otter. The otter apparently made his point because it didn't take long for him to take off back to where he came from. Rory didn't plan on running for his life that day, but he did get a great video out of the ordeal! 

WATCH the hilarious chase in the video below! 

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