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Owner Leaps Down A Hillside Of Leaves And Completely Disappears. What His Dog Does Next Will Leave you Stunned

September 08, 2017

There’s nothing quite like a boy and his dog, and the loyalty that forms between the two of them. Dogs can become one of the dearest and most trustworthy friends you will ever have. With all that being said, there’s a reason why we call our furry friends “loyal companions” or “man’s best friend.” Their bond with us is strong and, wherever the owner goes, he’s bound to have a shadow or sidekick next to him. You can count on that!

In this story, you will see a young teenage boy who’s enjoying the great outdoors with Rocky, his loyal boxer, by his side. As you start to look a bit closer, you will notice trees directly in front of him and leaves surrounding him at 360 degrees. With his dad filming in the background, he encourages his son to jump into the abyss of leaves directly in front of him. The son is aware that when he jumps into the pile, he’ll disappear completely. Rocky, on the other hand, has no idea what’s about to happen,


Both son and father are very curious to see what the dog’s response will be once the boy disappears into the heap of leaves. Right before the son jumps, he quickly tells his dad “you better not push him in on top of me,” to which the father responds kindly by saying, “I won’t.” Seconds later the son jumps and is quickly gobbled up by the fallen leaves, nowhere to be found. Rocky goes into a state of panic; his best friend is gone. Knowing to never leave his owner’s side, there’s nothing else to do but follow his master into this bottomless pit. With no time to waste, Rocky jumps into the pile where, moments later, both boy and dog burst free, reunited once more. It’s a sweet story of bravery and loyalty; just see for yourself!

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