Pit Bull Tickles Baby, Causing Uncontrollable Giggles

September 08, 2017

A baby’s laugh is one of the most amazing sounds in the whole entire world. Whether you’re a mother, grandma, auntie, or babysitter, your wish is for laughter and joy to encompass the little one that you’re taking care of. That uncontrollable, contagious giggle can usually be unleashed when you find that sweet ticklish spot, such as under the arms, feet, or chin. Once you discover it, let the tickling begin!


In this cute video, a family Pit Bull has the magic touch for making this baby giggle uncontrollably. Licking his arms, cheeks, chin, and hands, the pup keeps this baby laughing the whole entire time. It’s a contagious laugh that will melt your heart, and one that will make you laugh right along with them.


In this adorable, light-hearted video, you will meet one happy baby and one loving family pet. You will witness a sweet relationship between a boy and his dog, one that will warm your heart and make you smile. Enjoy the giggles and let the good times roll!

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