Quincy Loves To Mimic His Owner. When You Hear Just How He Does It, You Won’t Be Able To Hold Back Your Laughter

September 28, 2017

Quincy is a gorgeous Bichon Frise who rose to fame on the now-defunct app, Vine. When Vine was closed, Quincy moved to Instagram and Youtube to share the hysterical photos and videos that had won over so many people. Quincy became famous for a hilarious reason - this playful pup is amazing at attempting to imitate his owner’s voice!


Quincy’s owner, Patrick Barnes, first noticed Quincy’s amazing ability when he was a young puppy. When Patrick posted a short video of himself and Quincy singing along to Celine Dion on Vine, their account began to gather followers quickly. Before he posted the video, he was at 200 followers, and 24 hours later he had over 2,000! When Vine shut down, they had accumulated over 762,000 followers!


Quincy’s Youtube account has over 120,000 followers, and their Instagram account has over 220,000! He’s also been featured on television! Quincy has starred on Good Morning America, The Doctors, and MTV’s Ridiculousness. This dog definitely is a star full of raw talent.


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