Rebel Was Born With An Incurable Condition - Thanks To A Backyard Breeder - But Now, He’s Living The Good Life

December 04, 2017

Rebel is a handsome two-year-old black Pomeranian who lives with his adoring family in San Diego, California. He has one brother, Axel, and two canine sisters, Clover and Pepper. He loves them all dearly! When Rebel isn’t being an adorable pup, you can find him playing with his siblings or bounding down the streets on his daily walks.

Rebel is always certain to catch the eye of anyone who passes by him. Rebel isn’t your average Pomeranian, not in the least. You see, Rebel was born with Alopecia, which has caused him to lose quite a lot of his hair, and it’s likely that he will become completely bald during his lifetime.

Rebel was born to a backyard breeding operation, where his parents were repeatedly bred without the proper health testing. They didn’t care what would happen to the pups, long-term, so long as they could sell the litter for a lot of money. Sadly for Rebel, he was born with a very preventable health problem that would never have existed if not for irresponsible breeders.

Thanks to his odd looks, Rebel found himself at Second Chance Dog Rescue, where he had to search for his forever home. Luckily for this goofy pup, it didn’t take long for him to find his perfect family! His mischievous and affectionate attitude made it easy to find a family who would love him, even with his unusual looks.

Ever since going home, this brilliant dog has been living the life he was always meant to! He spends his days being a normal dog. He doesn’t mind dressing in cute outfits because they help keep him warm, and he loves playing with his favorite toy - a soft squeaky rabbit! He’s using the attention his looks draw to help raise awareness about responsible breeding and adoption!

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