Rejected And Unwanted Because She Has To Wear A Diaper. Husky Puppy With Special Needs Is Looking For Love


Cascade is one special puppy. She is a purebred Siberian Husky with special needs. She was born with a deformed back and because of that, she has to be in a diaper around the clock. Being too much work for her former owner, she was brought into a vets office at 7-weeks-old to be euthanized due to her condition but the owner ended up agreeing to let her be turned into the K9 Rescue and Rehoming organization instead.


Cas is now living in a foster home awaiting that one person who will love her unconditionally and who will care for her and her unique needs. Cascade has a limp and suffers from incontinence. Incontinence is when waste is eliminated at any time because there is no muscle control over the bowels. Her foster parents said they change her diaper six to seven times a day and this will probably be for the rest of her life. She may not be perfect but she is worth it!


Despite her special needs, she is all husky all the time and is described as “a bundle of energy and always on the go.” No one is perfect but everyone and every animal deserves a loving home and a chance at a good life. This puppy may wear diapers but she is one beautiful girl who needs a loving home with someone who will look past her special needs and love her anyway. What do you think of Cascade?

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