Rescued From A House Fire Caused By A Hopeless Situation, Kosmo Was Given A New Start To Life And Proved To Be A Very Special Kitty

October 25, 2017

Kosmo is a beautiful, chocolate-point Himalayan kitty who has piercing blue eyes and somewhat of a sordid past. When he was picked him up from his foster mom's house, she was very emotional and told his soon-to-be fur-ever mama that he was a very special kitty, and she would soon learn just how special he was!

Kosmo was rescued from a house fire that revealed a grim hoarding situation. His mother, who had been kept in a cage, had extremely matted fur with feces stuck to it. It was so severe that Kosmo and his siblings were unable to nurse through the thick mess. Kosmo suffered from smoke inhalation due to the fire but was able to recover fully.

His mom didn't know how special Kosmo was until she brought him home. She says that he is a happy, loving, and goofy boy that provides constant entertainment to the household. Little did she know when she adopted him, that his companionship and comfort would help her through her own time of grief when, sadly, she lost her mother to cancer.

Many times, we see ourselves as one the ones that are rescuing animals, but in more than a few situations, they come to our rescue just as much. After a shaky beginning, Kosmo's life took a turn - due to a fire that revealed that a better life awaited. Kosmo's unconditional love and gentle presence in their home have brought his family joy in a time of sadness, and enriched their lives in a way only a cat can!

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