Stray Cat Unintentionally Becomes Instant Celebrity On Live TV After Crashing A News Broadcast


Cats have some of the most interesting personalities. Unlike dogs, they aren’t always the most affectionate and loving companions. They tend to keep to themselves and come around from time to time to cuddle when they feel the urge. They are not known to constantly follow you around like a shadow the same way a canine would. Every now and then, you’ll come across a cat that’s far different from the rest, with a personality that shines brighter than the sun. Nicole Didonato knows this to be very true.


Nicole is a news reporter for HLN News Now. She often reports live, on location, so her surroundings vary greatly. As our video opens, we see Nicole preparing to report in front of a business. The moment the camera starts rolling, her eyes light up and her smile widens as she presents her opening statements. After a few moments, a curious look comes across her face as she speaks. She tries to remain professional but you can sense that something is off in her demeanor.


Seconds later, a furry gray head pops up over Nicole's shoulder. While she is being recorded, a stray cat comes on the scene and wants in on the action! Instead of rubbing against her leg and purring for attention, like most cats do, he decides to take a position, front and center, by jumping atop Nicole's shoulder. The reporter can’t help but chuckle at the adorable, unexpected visitor. Somehow she manages to maintain her composure and continue her story until the segment is finished. It’s safe to say that this cat is a natural-born star!

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