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Beagle Loves To Wear All Sorts Of Costumes. When You See How Cute He Looks You Won’t Be Able To Hold Back Your Laughter

September 20, 2017

Dogs are some of the most magnificent animals around, full of love and trust. It’s easy to see why we chose to domesticate these wonderful creatures, particularly when you consider all they do for us. Nowadays dogs don’t often have to perform the jobs we used to keep them around for. Instead, we’ve given them new, safer jobs. One charming canine has the fabulous job of being an Instagram star!

Maymo is a delightful little Beagle who has over 160,000 Instagram followers who all love to see what this spunky dog is up to. Some of his most popular photos though, are the ones where he gets to dress up in some of the cutest costumes I’ve ever seen! He’s known for wearing some very unusual garments, as well, from carrots and broccoli, to pandas and elephants.

Not only does Maymo dress up in some of the cutest costumes possible, his owners love to play funny jokes on this playful pup. Maymo’s owners love to don all sorts of costumes, themselves, and surprise the adorable pup to see how he reacts. Maymo is never phased by the get-ups and just wants to play whenever they dress up. Maymo is definitely the cutest and most patient dog on Instagram.

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