This Cockatoo's Mastery of Sass Will Have you Laughing in No Time

July 26, 2017

People have often compared having a pet to having a child, from their childish antics to curiosity about the world. Of all the pets that are often compared to kids, birds are commonly believed to be the most similar. They are often said to have the mentality of a young child - and even throw a hissy fit like a toddler would when things don’t go their way.

This Cockatoo has seemed to take the comparison to a child quite literally, and began to throw a hissy fit when her mom asked her to go to bed. Her mom repeatedly told her to go to bed, and every time she began to sass her mother back - quite loudly I would say. This bird was leaving no doubts on her opinion about bedtime!

Every time she began to argue about bedtime, her mother would respond as all mothers would, with “I don’t want to hear it!” Which led this beautiful girl to throw her head around and squawk up  a storm, making sure everyone knew how little she disliked this situation.

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