Woman Hears Meowing And Goes To Investigate, What She Finds Will Shatter Her World!

July 26, 2017

Masha is a friendly stray cat who lives in Russia, and while she does not have an owner she is taken care of by the residents of Obinisk where she lives.  The locals all feed Masha, and when the weather takes a turn for the worst, they even allow her inside to take shelter.

68-year-old Irna Lavoraa is a resident in Obinisk who commonly takes care of the gentle stray. As she was taking out the trash one day, she heard meowing coming from what sounded like her basement and she set off in search of the source. As she entered the damp chilly basement, concern began to grow that Masha might be hurt!

At the bottom of the stairs, Irna found Masha, curled up around a baby boy in a cardboard box. When Authorities arrived, they discovered the baby was about 11-12 weeks old, and although it was cold out, the baby was perfectly fine - all thanks to Masha. As the boy was rushed to the hospital, Masha raced after the ambulance as she tried to keep an eye on the baby boy. Witnesses stated that Masha waited in one spot for hours as she waited for him to return.

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