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This Corgi Suffered A Horrific Attack. When You See The Hobby He Picked Up Afterwards, You Won’t Believe Your Eyes

September 28, 2017

Jojo was born in Washington in January of 2010, and he found the perfect home when he was four months old. Jojo loves to swim and hang out in the water like any Californian, so it’s no surprise he picked up surfing after suffering a horrific attack.


In late 2013, Jojo was attacked by two large dogs, and the vets were not sure he would survive what had happened to him. As a result, Jojo was forced to endure multiple costly surgeries, but luckily he pulled through. At first, even though Jojo survived, they weren’t sure he would ever walk again. This plucky little dog refused to surrender, though, and soon learned to walk again. After the attack, he took up surfing as a good way to keep active and now he’s a pro-surfer!


Jojo’s love for the water is trumped by nothing else, although he does also enjoy hiking whenever he can. Jojo is a truly fearless dog when he surfs; during SoCal Corgi Beach Day he even got out there and surfed ten-foot waves! Jojo takes every chance he can to get out on the water, and if he finds it a bit too hot he has no problem jumping into the sea to cool down!

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