This Rescued Squirrel Has Become An Adorable Celebrity

June 02, 2017


Whether they are a dog, cat, bird, bunny, guinea pig, hamster or maybe a few fish, we all love our pets! Most people have pretty normal pets and it's not every day that you meet someone who owns an exotic pet or even a wild one that they rescued from harm. 

On the other hand, some people do have some pretty unique animals that they call their own. For example, when I was a youngster a lady that I attended church with owned a bat and she kept it in her bra! What? Isn't that crazy! My son wants a unique pet as well, he is sure we need to get him a freshwater eel. Yeah, I'm not quite sold on that one. As exotic as I'm willing to go right now is a chinchilla and that is because they are super cute! 

 Have you ever thought about rescuing a small wild animal?  While not common, or even recommended one Louisianna family did just that and she is now an adorable part of the family! 




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