This Server Got a Lifesaving Tip That Will Restore Your Faith in Humanity

July 31, 2017

Servers tend to rely heavily on their tips to support them. One waitress in Waikiki received the tip of a lifetime at the Thai restaurant she works at. Cayla Chandara, 22, recently moved from Santa Rosa, California to Waikiki, Hawaii for school. However, she didn’t want to go into debt and decided to go to work to support her student loans and the high cost of living. Cayla worked two jobs, hoping to be able to save up enough to finish her college education.

On the day that her life changed, Cayla was serving two “life-long friends” and a 10 year old girl who were visiting Hawaii from Australia. They all began to talk, and discuss why Cayla had decided to make the move and what she hoped to gain in the future from her education. She assumed, like most would, that the customers were just being friendly.

After the customers left, Cayla began to wipe down their table to prepare it for the next guess. When she saw the tip they had left, her jaw dropped. Their bill had been $200, and the tip she received was $400 - a 200% tip! They had mentioned to her where they were staying during their trip, and Cayla decided to leave a thank you note at their hotel’s front desk for them. The next night, they returned. They gave her $10,000 to pay off her student loans and offered to contribute towards her college education. Thanks to this customer’s generosity, Cayla will be able to go back to school and get the degree she has worked hard for.


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