This Sweet Senior’s Family Thought She Was Dead, Then Refused To Take Her Back

January 31, 2018

When Hope For Paws received a phone call about a sweet dog that even Animal Control couldn’t catch, they knew she needed their help. What they didn’t realize, however, was just how badly Edna needed their help. When they arrived, they were horrified to see just how bad of shape she was in.

She was suffering from malnutrition, and it was clear she had not had reliable meals in who knows how long. She had patchy fur from Alopecia, and she looked like she was in truly horrific shape. One thing that her time on the streets hadn’t taken from her, though, was her loving attitude.

She was more than happy to approach Lisa and Joann, two of the volunteers, when they approached her with burgers. Joann kept offering her food while Lisa sneaked up behind her, slipping the gentle snare around the distracted pup's neck. Edna had a brief moment of fear but quickly settled down when more food was offered.

With the help of a neighbor, they got Edna loaded up into their rescue vehicle and they were off to the vet. When they scanned her for a microchip, they were shocked to find she not only had a microchip but that the phone number was still active! When they got ahold of the registered owners, they soon discovered all that Edna had been through.

Two years ago, the registered owners had re-homed Edna but had never changed the information on the microchip. The new owners had called and told them that Edna had passed away, and they had mourned her loss. When Hope For Paws called, they were astounded to hear she was alive, but could not take her back and asked them to find her a new home.

With the help of Doggies 911 Rescue, they were able to find Edna her perfect forever home. She is a much-loved and playful pup who now spends her days with a family who dotes on her. One of her favorite things to do now is to go for gentle jogs and to roll around in the grass.