This UPS Driver Spends His Day Covered In Kisses And Cuddles From Dogs That He Meets On His Routes- Sounds Like A Dream Job To Me

June 15, 2017

When I was little, my dream was to be a nurse. I would pretend that every piece of furniture in my house was a patient of mine and I would go around the house patching up the couch, tucking in pillows, and taking temperatures of chairs. I thought being a nurse sounded like the coolest job in the world!

I still consider becoming a nurse sometimes. Or at least I did until today! But as of this morning, I am determined to be a UPS Delivery Woman! And after you read this happy story, you’re probably going to be right there with me!

Meet my new inspiration, Doniel Kidd. Doniel is a UPS drive from Athens, Louisiana. He Spends his days making sure our letters and packages get safely to their intended homes. But Doniel also does something that most UPS driver’s don't: he spends his days filling his camera roll with dogs. Doniel happily spends his days taking selfies with all of the doggies he meets throughout his routes. While most delivery delivers spend time running away from dogs, Doniel embraces the pooches with smiles and pictures.

Doniel’s client’s with dogs always know when he’s around because their dogs get crazy happy. One man said, “I always know he’s near because my dogs will start running laps around the house and barking up a store. They love their mailman!

Not only do the dogs love him, but Doniel has a reputation for bringing smiles to people’s faces where he goes. He is known for his big heart and constant joy. Clearly, he’s loved by all who meet him! 

Doniel Kidd, you’re living the life; Loved by people and loved by dogs. Is there anything better? Thank you for loving big everywhere you go- you make the world a better place! Check out the selfies in action below and SHARE on your FACEBOOK page if you want to brighten someone's day with this happy story! 

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