Thoughtful Company Sends Amazing Gift To Dog Owner After Beloved Pet Passes Away

January 10, 2018

Corporate greed is a problem known to many in today’s age, with companies more focused on the bottom line than on taking care of their customers. Unfortunately, it typically leads to many customers suffering from uncaring, and downright mean, staff of the companies! When word gets out about a company that does their best to take care of their customers and their staff, customers tend to flock to them in hopes of being treated the way a customer should be!

"Chewy" is a pet supply company known for their wonderful customer service. They offer a recurring order service where you can set it so that your pet's food is shipped automatically so that you never have to worry about running out. Unfortunately, that can be a sad and depressing problem if your pet passes away before you get the chance to cancel.

When Laura Waltenburg’s brother was faced with the depressing problem after his dog passed away, he reached out to them and asked to return it for a refund. Chewy refused to allow them to return it and immediately processed a complete refund for them, telling them to donate the 40-pound bags of dog food to their local animal shelter. The family thought that would be the end of it and never expected anything else to come of it.

Chewy asked for a photo of their beloved pup, wanting to put the photo of the pup in their memorial book to honor her. The family was touched, but that wasn’t the end of Chewy’s caring! A few days later, they were shocked to receive a bouquet of stunning flowers. When Laura shared her brother’s story, people began to flood the comments with their own wonderful stories of Chewy’s customer service.

Chewy has often told people to donate the food to shelters whenever it is not needed by their customers, helping to support the local rescues. They also send out personalized Christmas cards, and have even sent customers painted canvas photos of their pets! They are truly a company who knows how to treat their animals right, and it’s definitely working out in their favor as their acts of kindness draw in new customers all the time.