What Do You Get When You Cross A White Tiger And A White Lion? Something Completely Stunning! Check Out What A Liger Looks Like


When an animal gives birth at a zoo, the zookeepers and guests alike rejoice over the newest addition to the animal family! I mean, is there anything as precious as a little, teeny tiny newborn animal? Sometimes, the news of a birth gives everyone even bigger reasons to rejoice. At Myrtle Beach Safari in South Carolina, a tiger in their care gave birth, drawing worldwide attention. In the sanctuary lives a white lion and a white tiger. Both species are incredibly magnificent to behold!

There are roughly only 300 hundred white lions and about 1,200 white tigers currently in the world. When the zookeepers discovered that the female was pregnant, they were astounded by the occurrence. The moment she gave birth, there was an even bigger surprise! Who would have thought that a lion and a tiger would be capable of breeding together?


She gave birth to four male cubs named Odlin, Samson, Yeti, and Apollo. Their appearance is what we only could have imagined in our wildest dreams. While the entire litter has the bright, white fur of their parents, they also have the faint stripes that are iconic to tigers. This hybrid breed has earned the names of Tigon and Liger. Check out the adorable fur balls, they are seriously too cute for words!


Look at how sweet these little dudes are! Their coloring is completely unique to this hybrid species. I can only imagine how stunning these guys will be when they're fully grown. The only downfall of having a cross-species baby is that they are known to often be infertile at birth.

This means that it is highly unlikely for these Tigons/Ligers to be able to breed in their adulthood and pass on their jaw-dropping traits to future generations. Nevertheless, we are thrilled to have the opportunity to see these little beauties. Check out the video below to see more images of the newborn litter. Which parent do you think that they favor most?

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