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What Do You Get When You Put Cats And Cowboys Together In A Commercial? A Hilarious Ad That Has Everyone Cracking Up

August 21, 2017

Have you ever used the expression, "It's like herding cats" before? I know I have, many times actually. Especially when it comes to little children. But, have you ever actually tried to herd cats? I can't say that I have, but it doesn't sound like an easy thing to do.


Cowboys are professional herders and in this side-splitting funny commercial they are not herding cows, but cats! The commercial starts out with a young cowboy displaying an old black and white photo of his Great-Grandfather, who was the first cat herder in his family.

It is so humorous to watch the cowboys attempt to "herd" the cats! The cowboys are interviewed about their profession and one says "anybody can herd cattle, holding together 10,000 half-wild short-hairs, now that's another thing altogether." They talk about the dangers of their work and show their battle wounds. 

A couple of my favorite parts of the commercial are when the cowboys are talking about being attacked by the cats and the cat one is holding starts to bite him and the scene with a cowboy using a lint roller! Hats off to EDS, the company that brought us this smile bringing ad. This was so well done and many people have dubbed it the best commercial ever! It really is that funny! Watch and see for yourself. 

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