When Mum Collapses During Seizure, This FOUR YEAR OLD Jumps Into Action! What He Does Makes Him Into A HERO! [VIDEO]

March 27, 2017

Have you ever had an ordinary day take an unexpected turn? You might have made plans but something dramatic happened that changed everything in a second. Often times when the unexpected happens it presents us with an opportunity to grow and adapt. That is exactly what happened to a young boy named Joshua Reece one afternoon.

One day, four-year-old Joshua was having a fun time playing games in his backyard. It happened to be the hottest day the year and Joshua's mother was concerned that he would overheat so she decided it would be a good idea to cool off in the pool. Joshua loved the idea and went inside to change into his swim shorts.

Once he was changed, Joshua ran back outside to hop into his pool. Joshua's mom had to fill the pool by hand because the hose was in the front yard. Not wanting to leave her son unattended, Joshua's mother, Natalie, decided to fill a bucket up with water from the sink inside and fill the pool up that way.

Filling up the pool took multiple trips from the house out to the yard and soon Natalie started to feel a little hazy. In all the excitement and concern for Joshua, Natalie had forgotten to keep herself hydrated and cool. When Natalie entered the house to get another bucket of water, she felt "strange in her mind" and all at once, she lost consciousness.

As Natalie fell to the floor, she hit her head on the kitchen table which caused her to go into an epileptic seizure. Joshua entered the house to see where his mother had gone and found her on the floor. Joshua could not believe his eyes and rushed to his mother's side to help her. Joshua was frightened but knew he had to remain calm in order to help his mother. Joshua's autistic younger brother was also in the house, so Joshua had to act quickly to keep him safe as well.

Natalie had taught Joshua how to call emergency services the previous year so, thinking quickly, Joshua dialed the number and immediately got through to a dispatcher. Joshua told the dispatcher everything he needed to know and, in no time at all, an ambulance arrived to help. Natalie was transported to a hospital where she made a full recovery and Joshua kept his little brother safe and happy the whole time.

Thanks to the heroic actions of her smart son, Natalie survived the ordeal. While it was a scary situation for Joshua, he and his mother were grateful that they had taken the time to learn about calling emergency services. At four years old, Joshua became a tiny hero and a guardian angel to his mother. Watch the video below to see Joshua and his mother tell their story.

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