When You Get A Look At This Otter's Friends, You Won't Believe What You Are Seeing


Otters are adorable little creatures with their playful little attitudes they are always fun to watch play and be curious little critters! What tends to surprise people when they first learn it, is that otters are actually carnivores! Sadly, these amazing creatures are hunted for their pelts which are prized for being the densest in the entire animal kingdom.

Loebies Guest Farm and Predator Park in Bela Bela, South Africa is home to a Cape Clawless Otter with some rather unusual friends. The otter, Moses, was brought to the owner of the park, Annel Snyman, when he was abandoned as a pup. Moses was found by a police officer who watched him for three days to see if his parents would return. When neither parent returned, he brought Moses to Annel and left him in her capable hands.


When Moses arrived at the park, he weighed a mere 400 grams and was the size of her hand. He has since matured into a healthy - and large - adult otter! Otters are taught to swim by their mother, so Annel had to teach the young pup how to swim after a potentially disastrous swimming accident where Moses almost drowned. Moses has always slept inside of Annel’s house with her from the time he came to her, and even though he’s now an adult that still holds true. Moses has no enclosure or cage of his very own and he seems to like it that way.

Moses was raised side by side with a lion and a spotted hyena inside Annel’s house. Since then, he loves to try and play with the much larger animals. He seems to not know just how potentially dangerous the other creatures can be, and Moses has no fear of the larger creatures. Moses loves to accompany Annel as she cleans enclosures, leads tours and feeds the other inhabitants.


Cape Clawless Otter’s are very cool animals that can grow up to three feet long and over 70 pounds! They spend most of their time in the water, and are nocturnal of course! These curious creatures also love to play with  a multitude of different objects - such as twigs and logs. Some of their favorite foods include frogs, fish, worms and even crabs.

Moses is free to leave whenever he decides the right time for him is, and Annel is not sure when he will leave. They imagine that he will leave when his hormones begin to kick in and it becomes time for him to find a mate.

Moses is living the good life after being rescued and rehabilitated by Annel. We can only hope that this adorable otter is able to find himself a lovely mate and live a long long life with her and have many pups.

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