When You See This Cat Working Hard To Break Stereotypes, You Won't Be Able To Hold Back Your Grin


Cats are well known for some of the things they hate - such as water or dogs. Their hatred of water has been the butt of many jokes, and many a poor cat have been put in water or drenched with water by pranksters who think it would be funny to see how they react. There’s also a reason why the phrase is “fighting like cats and dogs” of course, and that is because of their infamous dislike of each other. They are also notorious for their inability to be trained! 

Didga is a cat living in Australia with her beloved owner, Robert Dollwet. Robert is a dog and cat trainer, and previously trained animals for movies. He got his start training police dogs in the Air Force, and from there went into hollywood training. He owned his own kennels in Los Angeles and Malibu, California before moving to Australia.

Didga, whose name is short for Didgeridoo, was adopted by Robert from an animal shelter at 13 weeks old, and he’s been training her ever since. Thanks to his constant training, Didga could easily be a movie star with her adorable looks and amazing training! One of Didga’s favorite places to go is the beach, and you can often find her there with her family!

When Didga was just a kitten, Robert noticed she didn’t have an extremely strong aversion to water and decided to put in the effort to desensitize her to it. It took a long time and a lot of hard work to get her accustomed to the water, and it took her months to be interested in entering water by herself even!

In July of 2015, Didga was joined by a little brother named Boomer. Boomer, short for Boomerang, is a bengal cat whom Robert added to the family to see how far he could take the kitten in training. Boomer is a Bengal cat, who are widely known for how easily trained they are. He wondered just how far he could take Boomer’s training if he could train the average tabby to be as amazing as Didga.

Didga has since gone on to set a world record for most individual tricks performed by a cat in one minute. She set her record at 20 tricks, but has since gone on to beat that and raise the bar to 24 tricks!

Didga and Boomer have a lot of tricks left to learn and show off still! Hopefully, this dynamic duo will keep their internet presence up to date so we can follow their journey to being even more amazing cats!

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