When You See What This Jaguar Does When Introduced To a Dog, You Won't Believe Your Eyes


Jaguars are stunning creatures to watch with their beautifully spotted coats. Sadly, these beauties are often hunted for their gorgeous coats, or for harassing a farmer’s livestock. Due to how often these animals are shot, it is inevitable that a cub would become orphaned at some point.

When Jaggy arrived at the Akwaaba Lodge in South Africa as a young leopard, he needed companionship. The owner of the facility, Leah, knew that she would not be able to provide all of the companionship he needed as he could not always sleep in her bed! When she began to search for a solution, she came across the perfect solution!


Jaggy was introduced to Bullet, a Jack Russell Terrier, and they became fast friends. Bullet and Jaggy have become inseparable in their friendship, and they are the truest of friends.

Bullet and Jaggy have become inseparable and do absolutely everything together. They eat, drink, and even sleep together thanks to their strong bond. When Jaggy matured, they made the decision to separate the two for Bullet’s protection. However, the pair would not stand for it and protested it vehemently. Jaggy would not stop crying out for 24 hours, and Bullet would not leave the gate, so the two were re-introduced.


Dogs and big cats are not the most usual of friends, but it is definitely not unheard of. Typically, dogs are used as companions for cheetahs in zoo environments to help keep them calm. In fact, the San Diego Wild Animal Park and Zoo, use labradors as companions for their cheetahs. Cheetahs tend to be flightier and more nervous, so the mellow labs help them learn that a situation they may find scary is completely okay and nothing to be worried about!

Although Jaggy is the bigger and stronger member of the pair, Bullet is definitely top dog. If Jaggy gets too rough with Bullet, he definitely lets him know with a snarl or bark!

Bullet and Jaggy have a long friendship ahead of them, and I don’t imagine that they will try to separate them again any time soon. Hopefully, we’ll get to see many more beautiful photos and videos of these two together!

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