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White Lion and White Tiger Start A Family And Their 4 Babies Are Breathtaking

December 18, 2017

Wild animals are simply stunning, but their young tend to be even more breathtaking. New life, in itself, is simply a miracle, but in the animal world, it’s a true wonder.

These white lions and white tigers are so rare that people actually believe them to be mystical creatures. Their beauty is magnificent.

At a sanctuary in South Carolina called Myrtle Beach Safari, live a pair of the bold beauties, a white male lion, and a white female tiger. Both strikingly gorgeous and rare, the two majestic animals were the talk of the town.

However, they became an even bigger sensation when the staff realized that the white tiger was pregnant with the white lion’s cubs. Truly, there had never been anything like this in all of history. There are about 300 white lions and 1,200 white tigers in the world, so the odds of this happening were nearly impossible.

After much anticipation, the white tiger finally gave birth to her cubs. She welcomed four healthy, adorable, and extremely rare cubs into the world. Their names are Odlin, Samson, Yeti, and Apollo.

Their fur was a soft blonde and their eyes were the color of a glacier. The cubs also have their mama's epic markings across their backs. To say they’re beautiful is an understatement.

The fascinating family of six has caused quite a spark of excitement in the animal kingdom! People are traveling from all over the world to see these white “ligers” (lion and tiger mix). We can’t wait to see what they’ll turn into!

To see more of these beauties watch the video, below!