Little Girl Suspended From School For Shaving Head In Honor Of Friend With Cancer

December 19, 2017

True friendship is one of life’s most valuable gifts. In fact, many would say that friendship is the sweetest gift of all. To me, friendships are like deep and rich gold mines that make life sweet and exciting. When we go through seasons of thrill, we share it with friends; when we go through seasons of hardship, we share it with friends. Why? Because friends make everything better.

When you’ve found your best friend at an early age, life is so fun! Most young friendships are innocent, without stress or complications. As toddlers, two little girls named Kamryn and Delaney found themselves deep in a fun and easy friendship. However, their friendship quickly matured when Delaney was given some life-changing news at six years of age.

When then-six-year-old Delaney was diagnosed with a very rare type of kidney cancer called Neuroblastoma, her friendship with Kamyrn felt the stressors of life. While going through chemotherapy, she quickly lost all of her hair. Between the ages of six and nine, Delaney was in and out of chemo, all the while her BFF, Kamryn, was by her side. It was clear that the two girls were in each other’s back pockets, and nothing could tear them apart or steal their joy for life.

At nine years of age, while Delaney was in the thick of her chemotherapy treatments, Kamryn decided that her friend wasn’t going to go on the roller coaster alone. Kamryn joined her friend and shaved her head. Together, the two girls were bald and beautiful and ready to be there for each other no matter what life threw at them!

While some saw the nine-year old’s move as compassionate, there were others who were offended by Kamryn’s move. Kamryn’s Colorado school actually suspended her because her shaved head went against the dress code policy; Kamryn was told not to return to school until she had hair.

At a loss for words, Kamryn’s mom went online and shared what happened. Thousands of people were furious, and many were shocked. It’s fortunate that the school had a major change of heart and managed to see Kamryn’s loving act as selfless rather than aggressive.

Now, Kamyrn is back in school and spreading a message of compassion to all of her peers. At the early age of nine, Delaney and Kamryn are taking the world’s challenges head-on - with spunk, courage, and good old-fashioned friendship.

We are overwhelmed at the courage of these two nine-year-old girls. Their friendship is so young but already rich and deep. Here’s to a life of love, health, and happiness for these two bold beauties. Remember to love the ones you have; life is a gift and it’s so wonderful when shared. Check out the story, below!