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You Won’t Be Able To Contain Your Joy When You Witness This Adorable Baby Rhino Experience Snow For The Very First Time

August 25, 2017

Watching little animals experience the joys of life for the first time is quite thrilling. They have such a curiosity about the great, big world around them. Much like little children, they look at their surroundings with wide-eyed amazement. Even this simplest of occurrences can be utterly exciting for them. A little rhinoceros living at Blank Park Zoo knows this to be true.


She’s a curious little girl and, since the day she was born, she has explored every inch of her cozy facility. One morning, she realizes that there is something very different about her home. There is a lot of cold, slippery, white stuff scattered all over the ground. She knows she has to get to the bottom of this and begins to investigate. She walks nearer and begins to sniff and paw at the snow.


She has never seen anything like this before and she can’t decide if it’s harmful or not. Before long, she realizes that it is no threat at all. That’s when the fun starts! Mother Rhinoceros keeps a close eye on her as she slips, sniffs, and rolls around in the piles of snow that surround them. It’s clear to see that she loves watching her baby have the time of her life with her new discovery. Watch the video below to see all the snow-filled fun take place!

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